About us


We want to share our passion for aesthetics with our customers by creating strong visual communication at all times. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but at Future Photography, we still want to link artistic creativity and execution excellence to bring our own vision of beauty to all.

Our core business is our DNA. Our team’s ambition could not be clearer: we aim to become a leading brand in the world of photography and videography.


Future Photography is a team of six highly professional artists, each operating in one particular area of ​​expertise, but always working together. This duality between specific expertise and team complementarity allows our customers to consistently benefit form a dedicated expert at hand, while taking advantage of the entire team’s knowledge. 

Our multi-industry know-how is nurtured by our specialists, each with their own eye, their own style and their own techniques applied to areas as diverse as cars, food, sports, fashion or real estate.

Alexandre Mourreau, co-founder of Future Photography, oversees each and every project, advising clients and relentlessly ensuring that creative outputs exceed expectations. He is supported by the innovative audacity of Florent Poncelet – also co-founder, the natural and "rough around the edges" style of Vladimir Fabre, the technical prowess of Arnaud Mathier, the purity of "freestyle" Julien Petry and the keen eye of Tarek Sursock. These eclectic facets all contribute to achieving unparalleled results.


Whatever the project entrusted to us by our customers, we are committed to:
Understanding their needs and assisting them in achieving their most ambitious projects
Strengthening their messages by producing artistic images of excellence
Ensuring global reach but local execution
Always being both accessible and discreet


We offer an end-to-end experience. So, beyond the technical prowess and creative vision, we are also able to provide clients with more concrete yet crucial elements of a campaign. We offer locations, props, and even “making of” material that can be used for marketing purposes by our commercial clients, for example in the form of social media content.

Co-founder and Director

Professionalism and creativity are Alexandre’s key words. An emphatically customer-oriented entrepreneur, Alexandre has earned his stripes in business and in the world of cinema with spells in Rome, Milan and his home town of Geneva. Having already set up an events company, he followed his natural course by combining managerial know-how with his passion for the world of images. His first collaboration with Florent Poncelet dates back to 2011, when he worked with him as a freelancer on several photography projects. Following their fruitful collaboration, the two friends founded Future Photography in 2012.
Co-founder and Photographer

Fascinated by photography since childhood, Florent is entirely self-taught in the development of his artistic and technical skills. This car enthusiast never goes anywhere without his beloved camera which he believes in an extension of his own body. Although racing cars remain his hobby horse, Florent has rapidly applied his elegant and natural style to other areas in the world of luxury. With an eye for the aesthetically pleasing and an attention to detail, Florent is a master in the art of capturing those magical moments. His success stories include projects for Aston Martin and Rolls Royce as well as several private events.
Photographer and Videographer

Vladimir is a professional photographer who loves all that is beautiful and has the gift of being able to infuse that beauty into each of his projects. A native of Lausanne, he has several strings to his bow, ranging from simple photographs to the production of full video clips. These skills were fine-tuned by working with prestigious brands such as Agent Provocateur, Fashion TV, Open Magazine and Seven Sky. His sophisticated style is much appreciated in the fashion world, for major events and for still life.
Photographer and Videographer

Endowed with an innate talent for photography and videography, Arnaud likes to work on pictures in a dynamic way. The ease and ability with which he manipulates drones allow his clients to benefit from aerial views and to gain new perspectives. Pioneering companies such as Red Bull and BAT have been among the first to recognize his skills and to entrust him with increasingly complex projects. Even-tempered and flexible, Arnaud exudes his passion and shares his universe with his close friends as well as with his clients.

A professional snowboarder since the early 2000s, Julien was already actively involved in film production and photo shoots for his team ‘Advita’ and for his sponsors. His passions intermingled and by the end of his sporting career, Julien aka ‘Perly’ was naturally drawn towards photography. Quicksilver, Salomon, Eastpack and DC shoes are won over by his approach and trust him with the production of numerous campaigns.
In 2005 he widens his scope of work to events such as weddings, for which he adopts a reporter-like style. His ‘freestyle’ and ‘out of the box’ approach enable him to bring an alternative edge to his art whilst retaining a superior level of precision.
Tarek Sursock

Tarek is the latest addition to the Future Photography team. He is a self-proclaimed lover of all things, yet nothing gets him enthused as much as standing behind a camera. Tarek is a director at heart who also dabbles in production and editing. His Anglo-Saxon background means he has thrived on British advertisements, over-analysed American music videos and devoured Ridley Scott’s films to create his own, powerful style. He is fortunate enough (as are his clients!) to be able to choose his own creative teams, which means he can offer tailored and exclusive content. Tarek recently moved back to Geneva, picking up no less than 8 awards around the world in countries including Canada, USA, Mexico and the UK, along the way.